Monday, July 21, 2008

West 18th St. Fashion Show

I was able to do work for designer for the Crossroads 18th St. Fashion Show this summer.. I was able to work with the wonderful Jovana Mirabile.. this was her second year in the show and her designs are awesome.. I'm still trying to get a dress from her. *winks* All of the jewlery was created by designer Rachel Marie.

These are a few shots from the photographer Aaron Lindberg.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Day with Toria and Rhonda!!!

This weekend I had a great opportunity to work with Toria of Envy Photography, she is on of my new favorite people ever!! Besides having the most positive energy she is a great photog. I'm in love with just about her entire port and I so cant wait to work with her again. I met Rhonda for the first time Saturday and she is the sweetest person, I'm glad i got to work with her and can't wait till next time.
Here are a few of our shots.. and they're will be more to come!!!

Till next time!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Muse Project

I had the opportunity to take part in the Muse Project.. it was a wonderful networking experience and i had a really good time. There were about 20 models male and female, i believe 11-13 photogs, and hair stylist and makeup artist. Each artist gets about an average of 5 models to work on for the day.. *so much fun*..

Here a few of the photos that i've received back from the photogs..

Model: Ashley
Hair: Crystal Bomar
Wardrobe: Posh Boutique
Jewelry: Iris Moon's Garden of Jewelry
Photog: Brian Lawson
MA: Raysa Williams (*waves* that's me!)

Model: Lisa
Hair: Erik Deyo Fahl
Wardrobe: Denim Couture
Photog: TL Goodwin Photography
MA: Raysa Williams

Hair: Crystal Bomar
Wardrobe: Posh Boutique
Photographer:Dale Kirchhofer

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Me? Arrested!!!!

So yes it could have happened, we were doing a water shoot and well almost got arrested.. it was a great time..don't get me wrong.. and plenty of laughs about the whole thing.. but here's a couple of photos from it..
and yeah you'll see why we almost got arrested.. more so indecent exposure than playing in a city fountain *winks*

Yummy Cotton Candy!!

Okay so i finally got the pics back from the cotton candy shoot.. which was fun and exciting..
here's a few of the shots!!