Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Three Location Shoot

Last saturday i had a three location photo shoot with model Brooklen, and photog Dallas Kenny.

We started out at the Nelson Atkins in Kansas City, then traveled to Theis Park.. and let me tell you how hot it is in a concrete river when its 80 degrees outside.. HOT!.. well at least in the sun that is.. that location was pretty good.. lots of water, stairs, and good pics.. Not to mention the people driving by in awe that they were witnessing a real photo shoot.. *smiles*

Next location was Stowers Park, it's a great little spot to relax.. fountains, greenery, and my allergic reaction to some plant/tree made it a great time!!

Nothing like touching up a model while your nose is stuck on drip eh *grins*...

Finally we hit the West Bottoms of KC, this i think is my favorite location in the whole city, so many textures around it, the train tracks, abandoned warehouses, oh and dont forget the pigeons peeing on the model.. Classic!!

It was a good time.. i was wore all the hell out when it was over. I attempted a thirty minute power nap, that turned into an all nite nap.. So missed my little brothers graduation reception, and a good friends birthday party.. so as you can see i have lots to make up!!

Here are a few pics from the shoot, enjoy!!

Till next time *muah*


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